Sunday Services 9:30 am

16 May 2021 | 09:30 am - 10:30 am

Scripture:                               Psalm 1, John 3: 1-17

Sermon Title:                         Reborn in Love

Sermon Theme:         Inherent in the idea of salvation is that once we receive the gift of Jesus, we must not only tell others about the love of Christ, we must show them as well.

Our lifestyles, our attitudes, even our basic beliefs must change and make room for the Spirit of God, for we are called to emulate Christ, to become servants of God, and to live for others rather than for ourselves.  Only by sharing this gift can we know its true power, for the new life offered in Christ is not meant to divide but to unify.  We are to live as one true family of God caring for each other in times of need, and helping to strengthen our lives of faith so that we might work of the Kingdom of God.

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