Sunday Service 9:30 am

18 Jun 2023 | 09:30 am - 10:30 am

Scripture:                   Romans 5: 1-8, Matthew 9: 35-10: 8

Sermon:                      Sending Us Out

Sermon Title:             We are sent out into mission each and every day and what we must realize in that the work we do in our community is just as important as the work done in other countries.  If we cannot bring the word of God to our friends and neighbors who are so close to us, how can we truly share the knowledge of the community of God with those who are far away?  But we must always remember that we are not alone.  Just as missionaries sent to foreign lands are supported by the church so to are we supported by our brothers and sisters here and throughout the world; and we know that Christ is always with us, giving us instructions for our journey, the strength to continue when we faith, and the power of love so great that if fulfills our needs and begs to be given again and again to all in need.

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