First-Christian-ChurchLike Huntsville, the Disciples of Christ are a melting pot of many faith traditions. We began as a movement on the early American frontier, in hopes of overcoming denominational walls and fostering church unity. Today, we honor all faith traditions and seek to work with other Christians to live in the Kingdom of God.

We believe in no creed but Christ.

Previously baptized individuals need only to profess a belief in Christ to be part of our church family. We practice baptism by immersion, but we honor other baptism traditions. Please visit one of our Elders or Ministers after the service if you have questions regarding becoming a follower of Christ and/or joining our church.

We believe that God calls everyone to Ministry.

God calls everyone, men, women, and children, to ministry making all Disciples ministers in the church.

We celebrate weekly Communion at the Lord’s Table.

And since it is the Lord’s Table, God invites all people to join in the feast. There are no walls. You have a place at the Lord’s Table, no matter what!