Mission-Family---All-Church-PicnicAt First Christian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, our mission is to seek others to join the fellowship of Christ’s followers; to nurture that fellowship through worship, prayer, education, companionship, music and stewardship; and to expand the fellowship with compassion, love, and service to others.
The Membership of First Christian Church is divided into Mission Families. The Leadership Team of each Mission Family is made up of Elders, Deacons and a Convener who continually lead the members of their Mission Family to learn more about how to include persons in the community of faith.
The Mission Family Plan of Operation is based on the belief that the way of inclusion is for every member. We make it possible for persons to take part in the congregation in many ways; such as calling members when they are absent, sending a note, welcoming visitors and sending birthday cards.

The Mission Family is the “care taker” of the members. Mission Families become small churches where Ministry is carried out. We care for members who are ill, at the birth of babies, assist bereaved families and joyfully participate in celebrations. We host get-togethers where members have the opportunity to get to know other members. When persons join our fellowship, we expect to nurture each other and thereby equip ourselves to expand our fellowship in service to others.