Sermon 2018-11-11 – In a Foreign Land

Posted on November 11, 2018, Pastor: Rev. Paul J. Allen, IV

Scripture:                   Ruth 1: 1-18

Sermon:                      In a Foreign Land

Sermon Theme:         In the midst of pain and despair God had a plan, one that took into account the suffering of individuals and the good of their nation.  God did not intend for Naomi and Ruth to suffer, but God did provide opportunities for healing and new relationships.

This is the God we worship and proclaim, one that brings hope from despair, transformation from loss, and life from death.  In one way or another we are all strangers in a foreign land, seeking our place in the world, and searching for God.  The book of Ruth tells us that we are not alone in this search and that God will find us, welcome us, and make us a part of God’s family.