Scripture:                   Mark 6: 1-13

Sermon Title:             “What We Take for Granted”

Sermon Theme:         It is clear that the skills and talents of the disciples had little to do with the spread of God’s message.  They were sent, but the power they were given came from God.  This scripture passage is actually a missionary manifesto for the early church.  These early Christians expected Jesus to return soon; therefore, they needed to spread the good news as quickly as possible.  Like the disciples their call to mission did not rely on possessions, money, or prestige.  Instead, they relied on God to provide whatever was necessary for the completion of their task.  This did not mean that preparation was not necessary.  Much as Jesus prepared the disciples for their own journey, the early Christians knew that no one could go forward into the world without training.  However, the overriding ideal was that God would give them what they needed so that their mission would succeed.