Sermon 2017-12-10 – Into the Wilderness

Posted on January 17, 2018, Pastor: Rev. Paul Allen, IV

Scripture:                               Mark 1: 1-8

Sermon:                                  Into the Wilderness

Sermon Theme: How do we prepare the way of the Lord in our lives, our homes, or in the church?  How do we ready ourselves for the Emmanuel or even for the knowledge that Christ remains with us?  John’s message of repentance was not just meant for the people of his time, it is repeated every year for we are now called to be the messengers preparing the way for the coming of the Lord, making the rough places smooth, and the crooked places straight.

We are the proclaimers of God’s mercy, living in communion with the poor and the oppressed, caring for the abused and frightened, comforting those who are hurting, and bringing light to those who live in darkness.