The question of the day is “Are You Happy?” If you aren’t, why not? Let’s explore what it takes to be happy, and particularly happy in Jesus. Notice I didn’t say happy because you are a Christian or “religious” (you can be both and still be miserable). Being happy is a state of mind with the “substance” of your life reflecting truly deep joy and happiness. We all have good days and bad days. But being happy would include the ability to live through good and bad experiences and find something positive, something meaningful, to every experience and making it into something good.

Worry doesn’t get you anywhere. Worry won’t change anything, but being happy does. Receiving Jesus as savior is a matter of consent with all our heart, mind, body, soul, and strength. So it is not only believing in Jesus, but it’s your acting on your belief by living morally. It also is a matter of discovering your life’s mission and passion. All together receiving, believing, and living with Jesus makes life richer, fuller, and happier.