Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas’ message is, “The Great Omission … Or Ah, “Commission”” based on Matthew 28:16-20.


I will be explaining what the descriptive word “trinity” means in referring to God and why it is important. Yes, God is all three persons at once: Creator, Redeemer-Savior, and Sustainer (i.e. traditionally Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). That means we have a whole and complete God caring about the whole person, with a message for the whole world.

So are we spreading the Good News or avoiding it? Sometimes it seems the church is keeping the Good News of God’s love and grace a secret. That would be the church’s Great Omission. Instead Jesus commissions us to go into the whole world telling everyone the Good News. It’s our marching orders! It’s our purpose, our mission in life.