Sermon 2017-04-30 – “He’s Alive: So What?”

Posted on May 10, 2017, Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas

Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas’ message is, “He’s Alive: So What?” based on Luke 24:28-35.


One of my favorite post-resurrection bible stories is the Emmaus walk. For whatever reason the two travelers couldn’t see that the stranger who joined them was Jesus. But Jesus was right there beside them all along as they reflected on recent events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Most likely they were disillusioned, disheartened and depressed. They had a dream and it died. The dream dies for us when there is no purpose in life, when life makes no sense, when there is nothing beyond ourselves on whom to call. You ever feel that way?

But in Emmaus the dream suddenly came alive again. It was real! In the breaking of the bread, at the table where Jesus is the host, their eyes (and hearts) opened and they saw he is alive! Jesus is alive and what difference does that make? Look and see in the midst of your life you’ll see that Jesus CARES and LOVES you. And, YES, what a difference that makes! It’s real, he is risen!