Sermon 2017-07-16 – “What is Prayer?”

Posted on July 16, 2017, Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas


Prayer is need finding a voice. I know that’s a pretty general definition, isn’ it? Along with a little more explanation, that sentence tells us what prayer is. — It tells us that God is greater than any past sin or present problem. God can and will change our circumstances, but first God is going to use our current circumstances to change us! Yes, in your need, pray about it and prayer will change your life.

In order to change, we will likely have to let go of something before we can take hold of something better that God wants for us. That’s where prayer comes in. Prayer isn’t some wort of magical incantation. It is a means of communication with God. It is talking, listening, being vulnerable, and receptive to the presence of God. Prayer opens our lives to the purposes and will of God, so we and God together, can make life better.