As always, CWM thanks the congregation for its
generous support of our local, regional, national, and
global ministries. This is what your donations provided
in 2016-17:

Summer of 2016 – $3205 for the ECM Toddler Playground
September, with Community Outreach – $4405 for
the local Shop With a Hero program
October – $790 for the local Neaves Davis Center for
November – $920 to support the AL/NWFL regional
CWM service project, the WellHouse in Leeds, AL
December – Over 100 filled stockings for the local
Christmas Charities Year Round
January – $1278 for Church World Service’s Blankets
February, with Community Outreach – $702 and 197
small toys for the local HEALS Dental Clinic. Valentine
greeting cards to our college students and shut-ins.
March – $669.13 in blessing box offerings to Disciples
Mission Fund. $442 for 20 new-baby baskets for the
National Children’s Advocacy Center
April – $1100 for the Global Ministries Child Sponsorship
Program to support three children at House of
Hope in Haiti for one year
May, with Community Outreach – $1232.55 for
Grateful Life Community Church
June – $500 to Disciples Mission Fund