Sunday Services 9:30 am

17 Oct 2021 | 09:30 am - 10:30 am

Scripture:                   Hebrews 5: 1-10, Mark 10: 35-45   

Sermon Title:             Are We Able?

Sermon Theme:         Like James and John, we don’t fully realize what we are getting into when we accept the call of Christ.  We may think that our answers are quite different from the disciples, but they are not.  All too often causally answer, “We are able.” when in truth we are anything but.  The cost of discipleship is high.  We are called to turn away from our dreams of power and turn to God.  Called to a life of servant leadership, putting the needs of others before our own.  Called to follow the example of Christ, by sacrificing our pride and humbly serving God.  These are the decisions we must make if we want to sit beside Jesus.

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