9:00 am Drive-Up Service

02 Aug 2020 | 09:00 am - 10:00 am

Scripture:                   Genesis 32: 22-31,     Matthew 14: 13-21

Sermon:                      I Will Not Let Go

Sermon Theme:         God asked Jacob to face death, pain, and rejection from his family and so Jacob wrestled with God and it is clear in the story that Jacob was winning.  His decisions and his intellect were winning the argument.  Then something happens.  Just when Jacob thought he was winning, God turned the tables.  You win.  You have struggled with God and with humans and you have prevailed!  Your name will be changed.  You are no longer Jacob; you are Israel “the one who strives with God.” You are no longer responsible for yourself you are responsible for people and your nation.  Jacob won the wrestling match, but God empowered Israel.

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