9:00 am Drive-Up Service

30 Aug 2020 | 09:00 am - 10:00 am

Scripture:                   Exodus 3: 1-15, Matthew 16: 21-28

Sermon:                      Take Up Your Cross

Sermon Theme:         When we carry our cross, when we live as our faith dictates, we find that we do not give up our lives; rather we gain new life and great strength.  And when we stumble and feel as if the weight is too much to bear, that is when we hold each other up, relying on Jesus to take the weight, so we can continue to move forward.  Let us walk together, bearing our crosses, relying on the strength of Christ, and looking forward to the day when all burdens will be laid aside and we will come together as Children of God no longer tasting fear or death, but new life.

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