I was raised in ... churches and schools, but over time, I grew weary of the disconnect of the church hierarchy, and the sameness of each service. When I married into First Christian, I discovered a small, friendly church that was congregation-ruled, where politics never entered the pulpit, and where it's OK if you think a little differently than the person next to you. ... Brad, father of two (and something else)

Worship services

First Christian Church has two Sunday morning worship services: an informal service and a traditional service. Children's services are offered at the second service; details are below. You are invited to participate to any level that you feel comfortable, regardless of your church membership or faith background. You are especially invited to share our table as we celebrate communion at each worship service. Devices are now available for the hearing impaired. Please see one of our greeters to use one of these devices during worship.

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Informal service

8:15 a.m. Sunday. Childcare is offered for infants through preschool. You can enjoy the rousing piano accompaniment by Wallace Lee.

Traditional service

10:30 a.m. Sunday. You will find this service to be more formal. You can enjoy a full chancel choir led by Becky Waters. Childcare is offered for infants through preschool.

Children's Worship

During the 10:30 Sunday service your children age 3 through 2nd grade can explore worship in a different, more relaxed setting. Children learn to quietly and respectfully gather in their own sanctuary. Children learn to praise through singing with sign language, ritual, and corporate prayer. The word of God is proclaimed through the sharing of a Bible story each week. Part of Children's Worship is adapted from Young Children and Worship training by Sonja Stewart, professor of Christian Education at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, and Godly Play training by Jerome Berryman, director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood in Houston, TX.

Our sanctuary windows

Visit our sanctuary, and you can meditate under the soft glowing light of our sanctuary windows. You can find a booklet in the church foyer which explains the background and meaning of our windows.

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