Sermon 2018-02-11 – We Need a Vision

Posted on February 14, 2018, Pastor: Rev. Paul Allen, IV

Scripture:                   Mark 9: 2-9

Sermon:                      We Need a Vision

Sermon Theme:  But our faith is not about doing what is good for us at the expense of others.  It is not about placing ourselves on a pedestal that no one else can occupy or building structures that keep others out rather than welcoming them in.  Our faith is about healing hurts, speaking and being with the poor, the helpless, and the forgotten who are at the bottom of every mountain and every system, both church and state.  Our faith is not about transcending life it is about transforming life.  It does not call us to our own sense of rationality; rather it calls us to the Beatitudes, works of mercy, doing miracles for those in need, acts of irrational love, and the justice of God.