Sermon 2017-05-21 – “A Ready Defense”

Posted on June 1, 2017, Pastor: Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas

Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Cameron Douglas’ message is, “A Ready Defense” based on 1 Peter 3:13-22.


When Peter writes to these little groups of Christians in Asia Minor, he does not tell them to go out on the street corner and preach. He does not tell them to rent amphitheaters and hold major rallies. He does not tell them to insert the good news of Jesus Christ every time they have a conversation with someone. He doesn’t even tell them to have prayer in the public schools. He tells them to do good.

What a wonderful strategy for Christians to distinguish themselves by doing good. Wouldn’t it be great for people, both in Peter’s day and ours, to whisper around the gossip mill, “That weird little group of people over there called Christians are always doing good. They just are always on the side of anything good.” Just do good. Just keep doing it. No matter if you suffer from doing good or not, know that Jesus is with you in continuing to do good. The best argument for being a Christian is nothing you have to say (sermons, testimonies, gospel tracts), it is just doing good.